Group 1 (Character)

List the significant experiences of the following characters:

Mi-ran, Jun-sang, Mrs Song, Oak- Hee, Dr Kim, Kim Hyuck

Why these characters’ experiences significant?

IE; What do they teach us about

  • Characters within the text
  • The setting (North Korea in a dictatorship)
  • The event that are taking place
  • The consequence of peoples actions/decisions
  • The world and the way it functions.
  • People/human nature
  • Our feelings reactions responsibilities challenges actions responses experiences.

Don’t ever discredit the power of your own decision.

Not expected to share feelings about how it made you feel stirred from the inside…

It was thought provoking – helped me compare to – it challenged me – it convicted me (sense of responsibility – it formed a comparison between – it reminded me… – it created a connection… WORDS that involve me

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